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95  Dinner Plates (10”)

52  Sandwich/Dessert Plates (8”)

64  Dessert Plates (5.5")

68  Soup/Salad Bowls

44  Small Plastic Cups

42  Small Glasses

49  Mugs

80  Cutlery Sets

Pots & Pans

8  Pots (XL to Sm)

3  Hotel Baking Pans (19.5”X11.5”X2.5”)

1  Hotel Baking Pan (20”X12”X4”)

2  Roasting Pans with lids (10”X15”X4”)

6  Baking Sheets

5  12 count Muffin Pans

3  Large Fry Pans

3  Large Colanders

Other Kitchen Gadgets

2 Large Measuring Cups

Set of Individual Measuring Cups

Measuring Spoons

Pastry Cutter


Cheese Grater



Meat Thermometer

Can Opener

Pie Lifter

Wine Opener

Cheese Slicer

Pizza Cutter

Melon Baller

Ice Cream Scoop

Pot Holders

2 Large Cutting Boards

Cooking/Serving Utensils

3  Wooden Spoons

2  Silicone Spatulas 

6  Ladles (assorted sizes)

4  Flippers

3  Large Slotted Serving Spoons

5  Large Serving Spoons

1  Pasta Fork

2  Small Strainers

2  Potato Mashers

3  Whisks

6  Tongs (assorted sizes)

2  Bread Knives

3  Large Chopping Knives

3  Small Paring Knives 

3  Vegetable Peelers

BBQ Utensils

Cleaning Supplies

Tea Towels

Dish Cloths

Pot Scrubbers

Dish Detergent

Cleaning Rags

Disinfectant/Cleaning Spray


Hot Water Urn

Tea Urn

3 Tea Insulated Carafes

Large Coffee Urn

Small Coffee Urn

Bunn Coffee Machine (6 Coffee Pots)

Coffee Filters

2  Large Glass Creamers

3  Large Sugar Bowls

Food Storage

Empty Storage Cupboards for dry goods

Large Industrial Fridge

Small Chest Freezer


Industrial Dishwasher

2  Conventional Electric Stoves (4 burners each)

Large Industrial Convection Oven


2  4 Slice Toasters

4  Griddles

1  Rice Cooker 

2  Electric Kettles

1  Electric Hand Mixer

Have questions? We are here to help and want to hear from you! If you have any questions about our property, cottages or rental rates, do not hesitate to contact us here.

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